Our specialist repair service covers all laptops, netbooks & desktops.

We repair all laptop makes and models, PCs & Apple Macs right down to component level. We can arrange for your device to be collected from your address with a nationwide courier. We will provide a quotation before any work is carried out, and we do not require payment up front. Your device will be delivered back to you when the repair is completed, usually within 5 working days* or within 48 hours with express service option.

Motherboard & Logic Board Repair

If you’ve been told by another laptop repair company that your motherboard or logic board is not repairable or that your laptop requires a new motherboard to be fitted, then contact us now! We repair motherboards right down to component level.

Common issues which usually mean a motherboard or logic board failure:

  • Dead laptop - no power
  • Distorted or corrupt graphics
  • Laptop powers on but does not boot up
  • No image displayed on screen
  • Charger lights turns off when plugged into laptop

Graphic Card & GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Repair

If you having a problem with your laptop and not getting any display on your screen then there may be a fault with your graphics card or integrated/dedicated graphics chipset, which is soldered onto the motherboard. This failure can usually be repaired by having the GPU reballed with a leaded solder or replaced with a new revised chip.

If you have any of the following faults then it’s most like the GPU has failed:

  • Blank screen with no display
  • Distorted or corrupt graphics
  • 3 beeps (two long and one short beep)
  • Fuzzy or corrupt display
  • Multiple split display
  • Works on external monitor only

Liquid Spill Repair

Have you accidentally knocked or spilled liquid on your laptop? Don’t worry there is usually a good chance this can be repaired. 

Follow these steps below immediately after any liquid spill:

  • If running on AC power, turn power off at the mains
  • Unplug the DC socket connector from laptop
  • Power down and remove battery if possible
  • If you have spilled any liquid on the keyboard try drain off as much as possible
  • Dry off any excess liquid with a paper towel
  • Do not refit the battery or try to power up laptop again
  • Get in contact with us
If liquid damage is left unchecked, components will begin to corrode and may cause irreparable damage.

DC Jack Socket Repair

Laptop power faults are sometimes caused by a faulty DC jack, power socket or a damaged power connector pin. Laptop DC socket can become faulty or damaged from repeated tugging or pulling on the DC connector cable. This can also quite easily happen if you trip over a cable which can rip the connector from the DC socket.

Common & possible symptoms of a faulty DC socket:

  • The backlight on your screen flickers whilst charging
  • Your laptop suddenly changes from battery to AC power
  • Your laptop battery will not charge
  • The DC jack is loose or broken and requires repair
  • Your laptop will not power up at all

Laptop Screen Repair

Have you broken or cracked your laptop LCD screen? Has screen stopped working or have vertical lines appeared?

Common screen faults:

  • Blank screen with no display
  • LCD cracked from impact
  • Vertical lines appearing
  • Distorted display
  • Works on external monitor only

Laptop Backlight Repair

Is your screen very dark or backlight dim? It’s very likely your backlight or LCD inverter has failed. On older laptops some of backlight faults can be repaired by replacing the CCFL invertor. On newer laptops WLED drivers usually need replacing on the motherboard or logic board.

Common symptoms of a faulty backlight:

  • Blank screen or dim screen
  • The backlight on your screen flickers
  • Screen goes blank for no reason

Laptop Housing, Keyboard and Hinge Repair

Have you dropped your laptop and damaged the housing or has the hinge broken cracking the casing? We specialise in all laptop repairs and can usually source parts for any laptop make or model. If you have any damage to your laptop that requires repair then contact us now and we will be glad to help.

Common faults we can fix:

  • Damaged or cracked housing
  • Hinge tight or snapped
  • Lid or bezel damaged
  • Damaged keyboard replacement

Software Problems, Virus & Malware Removal

We specialise in all software problems including virus and malware removal. We can also supply a health check for any laptop, PC or Mac.

Software, virus or malware symptoms:

  • Startup problems
  • Laptop freezing or running slow
  • Virus or malware warnings

Laptops we repair...

We can also help with upgrades & data recovery

Hard drive or SSD Upgrades

Hard drive issues? Do you keep running out of space? Does software run slowly? It may be time for a bigger or faster SSD.

RAM Upgrades

Memory failure? Keep running out of memory? Running multiple programs slowing down laptop? It may be time for more RAM.

CPU Upgrade

Want to give your laptop or PC a boost? You may be able to upgrade the CPU depending on what model you have.

Graphic Card Upgrade

Want to improve your graphic performance? It is possible to upgrade graphic cards in some laptops.

Software Upgrade

Software outdated or running slow? May be time to upgrade your operating system or software.

Data Recovery

PC or laptop dead? Hard drive or USB flash drive failure? It might be possible to recover your data.

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